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Microbe Bio
Microbe Bio eliminates the odor

 Enzyme, pearlite
Terms of validity:
 6 months after open the cap
 2 g (for about 60 times use)

For the injection, it uses only air
pressure. It doesn't contain any
toxic gas.

Online shop (only in Japan)

Deodorant Division

- Have you smelled your shoes?
The origin of the odor is the sweat from your foot. The sweat doesn’t contain the ingredient of the odor, but the bacteria proliferate seriously in the moist shoes and generate the odor. Microbe Bio decomposes the molecule of the odor ingredient by the enzyme and kills the smell. It is eco-friendly because it doesn’t contain perfume and chemical materials. Please use Microbe Bio for your favorite shoes that you cannot wash.

- For your shoes and helmet
Business shoes, sports shoes and boots

Helmet for motorbike riders, baseball players, kendo & fencing players and construction workers
helmetkendo helmet fencing helmet

- In your house
Shoes cupboard, storage and locker
shoes cupboardlocker

Drain outlet of kitchen, wash stand and bathroom
kitchen drainshower drain

Garbage bucket and water tank of the toilet
garbage buckettoilet tank

Bed and sheet

- For proliferation of the good bacteria in your planter or flower pot

- For athlete's foot
When there are bacteria, you may get athlete’s foot. If you already have athlete’s foot, please try Microbe Bio.
The following photo is a comparison before and 2 months after using Microbe Bio. It shows how it is efficasious.

 Before    2 months later
athlete's foot

- Safe product
Japan Food Research Laboratories certified the safety of this products.

If you have any questions about
deodorant, please contact to
Tako Inc. Dodorant Department.
If you would like to be our distributor in your country, please contact us.

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