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Dry Natto
Traditional popular Japanese food "Natto" is fermented soybeans. It is very nutritious. But because of its stickiness, it may be difficult for foreigners to eat it. So we made it dry without losing alimentation so that everyone can enjoy eating it like a snack.
We use 100% Japanese soybeans.
Because of its salty flavor, it goes very well with beer, sake (Japanese rice wine) or green tea.
For more detail:Dry Natto

dry natto with beerdry natto with sake

Tokyo Udon

Udon is a popular Japanese noodle made of wheat.It is made by traditional dried-noodle method which is now very rare in Tokyo.
The package design which has Ukiyoe motif will attract foreigners.
Tokyo Udon
cooked image of udon

Japanese rice with embryo buds
Japanese white rice is delicious but taken out nutrient. Brown rice contains a lot of alimentation, but difficult to cook and not tasty. "Megumimai", Japanese rice with embryo buds is the best solution!
It is delicious and keeping nutrients at the same time with special technique. This production method took patent. Also, this is the first and only rice as "
Food with Function Claimes" by Consumer Affairs Agency in Japan.
If you concern about your health, but you want to eat rice, please try "Megumimai"!
delicious and nutritious rice

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