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This is the story of invention of "Pulse Clean"

One morning in 1994, he was reading newspaper as usual. One of the
articles drew his attention.
It was the first time he had heard the name of this stone.
"What a weird stone-------.
He thought, but never thought this encounter would change his life at
that time.

"Can I invent something to use of tourmaline stone?"
He was an inventor.
His dream was to produce healthy goods, which make many people healthier and happier.
"This is what I have been looking for!! I am very sure I can produce something to use this stone!!"
From that day, his challenge had started.
He worked very hard in the daytime, and studied tourmaline at night everyday.
Though he tried to make new product, he failed over and over.
He became fatigued.
But it is only strange that he was very energetic.
Only that flung himself into his work.
"Yes, I can do it!!"

He ran into stone walls over and over.
But the more he came up against a stone wall, the more he believed his success firmly.
"Yes, I can do it!!"
He made breakthroughs again and again.
His passion made him break the barrier.

1 year later
"Impossible, it's impossible---------."
It was the hardest wall since he had started his study.
"God help me---."

~A WALL OF 1,000℃~

"When we make ceramics with tourmaline, we have to raise over 1,000℃ in a kiln to make ball hard. But

over 1,000℃, the electrode of tourmaline disappear."
This is one of the principles of tourmaline stone.
It seemed to interrupt him to make ceramics with tourmaline.
"Is there any solution to this problem in the world?"
He tested over 1,000 times.
"Oh, I made it, I made it!!"
"High polymer polyethylene"
He found the best substance. He solved the problem.

He could succeed to sinter tourmaline with polymer polyethylene under 400℃.

He was deeply moved.
He shed tears.
He named this product as "PULSE CLEAN".

He brought "Pulse clean" to stores to sell.
Store managers said to him,
"Nobody buy Pulse Clean. We don't know how to use it. Tourmaline? What's that? Negative ions?
No one knows."
Every manager ignored him.
He was discouraged, but he thought. "All of you will regret because I am winner!"
He encouraged himself.
A couple of days after, he watched the inside of a store whether a customer buy Pulse Clean or not.
An old guy took a Pulse Clean and stared the product.
"Buy it, buy it," he shouted in his mind.
After all, the old guy went away with nothing.

He was standing there for 5 hours. He was discouraged, and about to go home.
Then a young lady took Pulse Clean and went to a cashier.

"She, she has Pulse Clean on her hand!!"
He moved, of course.

2 years later

International Invention Convention was held in the USA.

His friend noticed him this convention. "Why don't you show Pulse Clean there?"
"Well done!!"
Pulse Clean got Gold Award.
Pulse Clean made big sales gradually.

1 year later

He applied Pulse Clean to the USA patent.

Now in Japan, Goods of fitness make big sales, same as Pulse Clean.
"It's high time to notice people all over the world!!"

We are looking forward to your apply to deal with Pulse Clean!!



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