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Pulse Clean

Pulse Clean got Gold International Award
at Invention Conventions in 1997 in USA.

Pulse Clean products
for Japanese market

Pulse Clean 21Pulse Clean 21

For your
- mobile phone
- shaver
- hair dryer
- AC adopter

1,200 JPY

Pulse Clean MiniPulse Clean Mini

For your
- mobile phone
- shaver
- hair dryer
- AC adopter

1,100 JPY

Pulse Clean 4PPulse Clean 4P

Four corners of
- PC
- TV
- microwave
- air conditioner

4,800 JPY

Pulse Clean PocketPulse Clean Pocket

For your pocket
- shirt
- jacket
You can also dangle
it from your neck.

3,800 JPY

Pulse Clean Eternal SpringPulse Clean
'Eternal Spring'

Put in the pot of
water and shake it.

1,200 JPY

Pulse Clean WaPulse Clean Wa

Wear it around
your wrist.
Color variation;
pink. purple, black
green and orange.
1,905 JPY

Memories of Japan

This series is very popular amoung tourists.

Hokkaido/Tohoku  Kanto/Kansai   Chuoku/Kyushu

Other Products

Followings are also Tako's products.

Plusion Buster 4chipsPlusion Buster Mobile ChipPlusion Buster CardPlusion Buster Room
 4P     Mobile   Card    Room

Pulse Clean Mini DXPulse Clean Wa
 Pulse Clean Mini DX    Pulse Clean Wa

For Overseas Market

We provide the Pulse Clean materials.

You can make your own design on Pulse Clean and your own package.Please contact us for the detail.

Pulse Clean (porosity structured tourmaline)

Introduction of Pulse Clean

Animation explaining Pulse Clean made by
our Malaysian partner MYTAKO PULSECLEAN

- Increasing electromagnetic wave and positive ion
There are a lot of appliances which generate electromagnetic wave around us, such as TV, PC, mobile phone, microwave, air conditioner, dryer, car, etc. And in the environment which has a lot of electromagnetic wave is filled with positive ion. It is called 'fatigue ion' and it loses the ion balance in the human body.

- Tourmaline generates negative ion.
On the other hand, there is a lot of negative ion in the forest or near the waterfall. The nature world essentially has this good quality ion called 'air vitamin' or 'energy ion'. Tourmaline is said to generate this negative ion which reduces the harm of positive ion and provides relaxation and reflesh effect. Also, its effects to improve environment such as purifying air, reducing static electricity (reduce 30-40%), deodorant, keeping fleshness have been attracting attention.

- Characteristics of Pulse Clean
The characteristics of Pulse Clean is that tourmaline obtains the porosity structure using our unique technique. The merits of porosity structure are high air permeability and by the large surface area, it can maximize the small stimulation. The stimulation goes into micrometer hole and it can emit much more negative ion than raw tourmaline stone.

Without attaching Pulse Clean (Plus static)
Pulse Clean on mobile phone
With attaching Pulse Clean (Minus static)

Without attaching Pulse Clean (Plus static)
Pulse Clean on TV monitor
         With attaching Pulse Clean (Minus static)

- Examples how to use Pulse Clean
Pulse Clean on mobile phonePulse Clean on TV monitor
 On the mobile phone           On the 4 corners of TV and PC monitor

Pulse Clean on microwavePulse Clean for Car
 On the 4 corners of microwave      On the vent of air conditioner of the car

On air-conditionerbracelet type
 On the air conditioner          Wear bracelet type

Pulseclean card type
 Insert card type in your poecket     Put in the pot of water

Story how President Mizoguchi invented Pulse Clean

Our distributors in foreign countries. Please contact them
if you would like to purchase Pulse Clean.
China  広州仰融貿易有限会社 
India InfoSree Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Turkey Gilbo Ltd.
Singapore  HEISEI Enterprise TEL:+65-6227-6638
Sold at Nishino Pharmacy in Takashimaya Singapore
Azerbaijan  URUMco. Ltd TEL:+994-50-346-6909
Japan Office TEL:+81-80-4166-0441

We would like to have
distributors all over the world.

If you are interested in being
our distributor in your country,
please feel free to contact us.

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This is not Tako's productThis is not Tako's productThis is not Tako's product

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