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Pulse Clean

'Pulse Clean got Gold International Award
at Invention Conventions in 1997 in USA.
Porosity Structure Division

Porosity Structure is Tako's core and essential technique. Almost every product of Tako is made of Porosity Structure including our hit product 'Pulse Clean'.

- What is Porosity Structure?
Porosity structure means there are innumerable holes and surface area is large. Charcole, sponge and ceramics are the examples.
The merits of porosity structure are high air permeability and by the large surface area, it can maximize the small stimulation.

'Pulse Clean' and 'Tourmaline Pellet' are made of porosity structure. Because of this structure, the stimulation (electrogenetic wave, heat, pressure, air, water, etc) goes into micrometer holes and they generate more negative ion than the tourmaline in the rough.
The name of the company 'Tako' derives from porosity structure (Takoshitsu in Japanese). Technique to produce porosity structure is Tako's grass roots.

- Porosity Structure Products
Porosity structured products are used in various fields. For example, filter of air and water, difuser tube for filtered and processed chemical solution, medical parts, filtering material for food industry, wick for absorbing liquid and so on.

- For ultimate porosity structure
Various functions of porosity structure, such as maintaining, exhalation, absorption, separation, are likened to biological membrane.

Tako continues to provide animate polymer sintered porosity structure by pursuing ultimate using unique sintered technique.

- What is polymer sinter?
Polymer sintered porosity structure is the porosity structure which has the holes of 3D reticulation by fusioning of the adjacent high-molecule particles with certain dimention in the mold.

EL: Low-density polyethylene
More flexible than high-density polyethylene.
High impact resistence and high chemical resistance.
Board, tube and small ball
Thickness : 2-5 mm
Filtering of air, water and chemical solution. Apllicator.

EH: High-density polyethylene
High chemical resistance. Usable for petroleum materials.
Molded products, tube
Thickness : 2-3 mm
Filter for air, water and chemical solution. Filter for medical use. Absorbing wick for strainer liquid.

G: Ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene
High chemical resistance and high abration resistance. Easy for fabricating.
Board, tube and ball.
Thickness : 2-15 mm
Powder fluent board, foam formation of flux, medical parts and filtering material for food industry.

P: Polypropylene
High heat resistance and high chemical resistance. Light and rigid.
Board, tube and molded product.
Thickness : 3-5 mm (P50-100)
     : 3-7 mm (P200)
     : 5-7 mm (P500,600)
Diffuser tube, support for dynamic membrane, filter for chemical solution and oil. All sorts of strainer and silencer.

M: Polypropylene
Transparent beauty, high dimention accuracy and high hardness level. Critical surface tension 39 dyn/cm and ideal as water related material.
Board, tube and molded product.
Thickness : 3-20 mm(M30,M50)
     : 3-30 mm(M70)
Filter diffuser for drinking water and industrial water.

F: Polytetrafluoroethylene
Very high chemical resistance, very high heat resistance and very high abrasion resistance.
Board and tube.
Thickness : 3-15 mm
Diffuser for Ozone. Filter for chemical solution. Medical parts.

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