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Pulse Clean

'Pulse Clean got Gold International Award
at Invention Conventions in 1997 in USA.
Tourmaline Division

Tourmaline processed products such as 'Pulse Clean' had been developed using our porosity structure technology.

- What is Tourmaline?
Transparent tourmaline ore was found in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in 1703 and introduced to Europe.
Tourmaline ore
Then as a result of the study by Pierre Curie (he received Nobel Prize in Physics), it was proven that when you add heat or pressure on the tourmaline crystal, it generates electricity. So, the power of tourmaline has attracted attention.

- Tourmaline as electric stone
Tourmaline generates static electricity because it is polarized crystal (having electrodes and electric potential). The tourmaline ore generates static electricity because of the extraterrestrial electron. The electron has positive and negative electrode, but only negative ion (called slar wind) go through the atmosphere. Tourmaline ore captures this negative ion and generates eternal flow of electricity. This current is 0.06 mA. The current flowing in the human body is also 0.06 mA, so the tourmaline is very mild to your body. Tourmaline continue to keep electric potential and emit negative ion as long as sun exists.

- Characteristics of Tako's tourmaline.
The characteristics of Tako's tourmaline is that it has porosity structure using our unique technique.
The merit of porosity structure is high air permeability and by the large surface area, it can maximize the small stimulation. The stimulation goes into micrometer hole and it can emit more negative ion than raw tourmaline stone.
This is our unique technique what the others cannot follow.

- Tako's tourmaline products
We sell our tourmaline products at on-line shop (* only in Japan). Please see web site Tako-ya Hompo.

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